ASBBO4 Blackouts 4 STR

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11407-08 These high-output active 4- and 5-string soapbar bass pickups bring more tone, more power, and more impact, with high headroom and quiet operation. Blackouts Bass Soapbar high-output active bass pickups were designed to make getting an aggressive bass tone simple. Instead of having to EQ a lesser pickup into submission, we voiced the Blackouts with big bass tone in mind. We went all-in on this one, with a huge dynamic range, thunderous lows, and crisp highs that deliver forceful raw energy, all focused into a super-responsive soapbar. The 5-string version extends those qualities to handle even more boom. Fingers, thumbs, and plectrums are all at home with these pickups, handling the heaviest hands and lightest playing styles with equal precision. String-to-string balance is assured with the Blackouts’ dual-blade design. The 4-string model is a direct replacement for EMG 35-sized pickups and the 5-string version is a direct replacement for the EMG 40. Many players combine the Blackouts Bass Soapbar with a Blackouts 2-band tone circuit (STC-2C-BO or STC-2S-BO) to add precision EQ sculpting. These EQs can extend tonal possibilities from traditional to modern tones, and we include all necessary mounting and wiring hardware.