AHB3s Mick T Blackouts 7Str Ph 5

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‘11106-58-B 7-string soapbar-sized version of the EMTY Blackouts have added highs and tighter lows, making this pickup set sound thick, mean, and percussive. Mick Thomson of Slipknot asked us for a set of six-string Blackouts customized to complement the complex, crushing riffs he plays in dropped tunings. “I had them tighten up the bottom because tuning low like we are, you don’t need that lower ‘woof,’” Mick says. “And I had the top end adjusted a little bit for more cut without being harsh or scratchy. They’re extremely quiet, they’re extremely clean and they have a lot more tone than the typical active pickup. They sound more real. The harmonics are richer. It’s a bigger sound across a wider range of frequencies.” The EMTY bridge model has the energy and output of the original Blackouts but with Mick’s custom voicing, which emphasizes the percussive chunk of palm-muted notes. The EMTY neck model is designed to provide crystal clear clean tones, but when you crank up the gain you’ll hear more aggressive mids and increased sustain, great for high-speed solos and ominous melodic interludes. The EMTY Blackouts set comes with all the hardware needed for installation: including pots, hardware, quick-connector cables, capacitor, output jack, battery clip and wire. If your guitar already has active pickups with quick-connector cables installed, you can simply unplug them and plug in your Blackouts. EMTY Blackouts are made in Santa Barbara, California, and are available for 6 and 7-string (passive and active soapbar mount).’