AHB1n Blackouts 7Strg Phase 2, Nk

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11106-36-B-7Str A formidable pair of Blackouts to take your active humbucker equipped extended range instrument to a new level of lucid aggression. Replace your stock 7 or 8-string actives with this set of Blackouts for crushingly tight highs and lows. The necks balanced preamp and coil geometry reveal both warmth and single note clarity from your extended range instrument right down to the B string. Chords sound warm and full and leads run rich with organic sustain. The extended frequency response makes this a great humbucker for metal players who want huge output but also need the unique tonal character of their guitar to shine through. This bridge delivers a searing onslaught of distortion. Power-chorded riffs remain tight and responsive whether in standard B or even with modern drop-A tunings. Highs are crisp and call out for swift arpeggios and tapped passages. The perfect choice for metal players who want all the thick low-end crunch of an extended range instrument without any of the loose bottom feel common among stock pickups. Also available in a 7-String passive size to retrofit a standard 7-string passive humbucker routes (8-string only available for active mount). Comes with pots hardware quick-connector cables capacitor (active pickups require a special cap value) output jack battery clip and wire needed for installation. If your guitar already has active pickups with quick-connector cables installed, you should be able to simply unplug them and plug in your Blackouts.